HERAN HealthTech Fund I

A fund for pioneers and disrupters in HealthTech and MedTech

Fund focus

MedTech hardware

Companies that are at the bleeding edge of innovation in hardware development and deployment in life sciences.

MedTech meets HealthTech

Companies that excel in building software plugging into life sciences infrastructure improving efficiency, reducing costs but above all generate compelling and exciting new insights and possibilities.


Companies that are building software applications and services that provide high additional value and insights to life sciences and care.

From cure to care

A fund driving the future of healthcare

Aging global population
Globally, the population aged 65 and over is growing faster than any other age group. In combination with unhealthy life style and external risk factors, like pollution, resulting in more health complications, this puts society for big challenges.
75% of deaths from chronic disease
Chronic diseases account for almost three-quarters of all deaths worldwide, taking up large parts of healthcare budgets. Higher prevalence and longer life expectancy will only drive this higher.
Rising healthcare costs
Healthcare costs are rising, and government budgets cannot keep up, resulting in a stronger than ever demand for value-based healthcare and real-world evidence. This brings data to the center of the matter.

Breakthrough investments:

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