LynxCare raises 20Mio: The largest funding round ever in Digital Health in Belgium

Jun 22, 2022 | Katleen Vandersmissen

Our portfolio company LynxCare - a Belgian AI-powered clinical data platform - has raised €20 million in funding.
This will allow LynxCare to accelerate their international roll-out and expand the team.  

Investor consortium

This investment round is led by the Swiss healthtech investor MTIP, French software investor Elaia, supported by the existing investors HERAN Partners, BTOV and PMV.

LynxCare’s platform and the course of healthcare

Hospitals have been digitised for a while now and have an enormous amount of data at their disposal to develop better patient care and scientific research. LynxCare helps hospitals in Europe and the US to make sense of their vast amounts of data using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to unlock these new insights.

"Ninety per cent of hospital data is not used, while it could greatly help individual patient care and scientific research." - Georges De Feu (CEO & Co-founder LynxCare)


The platform has already been used to

  • detect rare diseases to drastically speed up the diagnosis at an early stage
  • analyse the effectiveness of new medication for cardiac failure
  • better understand the impact of specific cancer therapies
  • better treat hospitalized COVID patients

These early successes have enabled LynxCare to take the lead in the healthcare data revolution, where current practice is shifting towards a value- and outcome-based healthcare system.

LynxCare is at the forefront of a revolution where neither medical practice nor scientific convention but the actual patients and their data will define the course of healthcare." - Georges De Feu

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