Responding to COVID-19

Mar 24, 2020 | Katleen Vandersmissen

During this unprecedented time, we at HERAN Partners are incredibly heartened to see so many companies and individuals step up to the plate in what is proving to be a defining moment for MedTech and Digital Health. Technical & digital solutions are enabling communication, surveillance, diagnostics, treatment, automation and expanded capacity when healthcare needs it most. Our portfolio companies have jumped into action—here’s a look at just a few of the ways they’re supporting patients, providers, and researchers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Lynxcare is working together with hospitals to gather as much data as possible to arrive at new insights how the pandemic is evolving, and which patients are mostly at risk. Through
    their algorithms, Lynxcare can scan all hospital documents and results automatically and bring them together in a structured database. This all can happen with higher accuracy and much faster than can be done manually.
  2. UgenTec, with their PCR workflow and automation software,  has a wide experience in optimizing assays. Already before the pandemic arrived in Europe, they teamed up with LGC
    Biosearch Technologies to establish a coronavirus detection workflow that speeds up the traditionally method by means of multiples. Next to this, the data generated can automatically be anonymized and shared with disease control organizations and governments to take informed decisions and measures where and when necessary. They are now broadening their partnerships to facilitate more and more labs and suppliers with their platform.
  3. IcoMetrix developed a groundbreaking technology with using Artificial Intelligence and imaging data such as CT and MRI to objectively and automatically track disease progression
    and treatment follow up for several pathologies as MS (Multiple Sclerose), dementia and traumatic brain injury. The recent developments concerning COVID-19, trigged the
    company to release earlier than planned their free web portal for people with MS at home.As also in standard conditions a lot of patient info gets lost within consults, this is now more
    than ever the case when non-urgent consults are postponed and with this new tool, patients can not only keep a journal of symptoms and behavior but also can take specific & clinical validated tests on topics as cognition, fatigue and physical performance. On its own field, IcoMetrix tries to help also these patients through the recent unseen times. Next to this they are using their AI-algorithms in the analysis of CT scans of lungs to also use
    this wide available method as a diagnostic tool in discovering COVID19 in asymptomatic patients in hospitals.
  4. BlueBee The world never heard the word 'sequencing' as much as these last days. BlueBee worked
    hard on their platform so it could also facilitate and speed up also all covid19 assays.
    Together with one of their clients, Lexogen, a transcriptomics company, they assist the
    sector with key technologies, kits and services to detect and investigate this virus pandemic.
As always, HERAN Partners remains committed to investing in the entrepreneurs bringing live-saving technology to healthcare. HealthTech is necessary now more than ever, and we’re excited to double down on supporting entrepreneurs in the space.

Take care & stay safe!
Katleen, Annie, Joris & Herman

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