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Amaron is the premier healthcare software connector in the Benelux and France. The Amaron product suite enables hospitals to connect disparate software tools, build workflows and standardise data structures across a vast array of software used in hospitals.


UgenTec's FastFinder is an all-in-on suite for molecular laboratories looking to standardize their routine PCR testing. With FastFinder, labs get access to a streamlined workflow, automated data interpretation and laboratory business intelligence.


Thirona is specialized in the field of AI assisted medical image analysis in the pulmonary and ophthalmology segments. They develop solutions for diagnosis, patient follow-up, and treatment selection based on lung (CT scans and X-rays) and retina scans. They offer their solutions to players active in clinical trials, hospitals, pharmaceutical players, and OEMs.


ONTOFORCE  develops breakthrough semantic search technology enabling enterprise wide liked data solutions. The award-winning user-friendly platform DISQOVER builds intelligent links between private, third-party, and public data sources democratising access to all your data. DISQOVER turns data into smart and actionable data.

FOx Biosystems

FOx Biosystems technology is based on an innovative fiber-optic-based surface plasmon resonance biosensor. It enables users to generate high quality biomolecular data such as affinity data, kinetic data and concentration measurements.


Icometrix is the world leader in software solutions to obtain clinically meaningful data from brain MRI and CT scans for patients with Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury, Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s Disease, Stroke, etc.


LynxCare collaborates with healthcare organisations and Life Sciences companies to allow them to leverage data, both structured and unstructured. Via the platform supported by Natural Language Processing technology, LynxCare creates Real-World Evidence & management data hubs which prove to be valuable for market intelligence, market access studies and R&D insights. In line with the legal framework, GDPR compliance is deeply embedded in the core of the technology and business.

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