Analyst Filip Maes creates further bandwidth for investment opportunities

Nov 03, 2022 | Katleen Vandersmissen
This summer, HERAN Partners strengthened the team with Filip Maes as Analyst. Upon joining, he became part of the Investment Team which predominantly focuses on investment opportunities to further complement the HERAN Partners portfolio within the fields of MedTech and HealthTech. He will support the team in identifying & onboarding innovative start-ups and scale-ups by leveraging his strong scientific background.

HERAN Partners supports ventures which have the potential to fundamentally improve healthcare and patient well-being on a global scale. “In the field of MedTech and HealthTech, there is a multitude of competing start-ups, but which ventures will have the biggest impact? That is what the HERAN Partners team is seeking to answer”, says Filip Maes.

A paradigm shift in the sector

This summer, Filip joined HERAN Partners as Analyst to focus on reviewing investment opportunities and to map out the healthcare market to allow the team to build the right strategy for the future. Over the last few years, the healthcare industry experienced a paradigm shift in terms of innovation and efficiency. A deep understanding of these trends is key. By attending sector-specific events & conferences, Filip aims to broaden his scientific knowledge.

“Identifying which technology will truly outshine the others is not always easy, but I feel empowered by my own knowledge and HERAN’s strong team that we are making the right choices” - Filip explains.
In-depth knowledge paves the way for success

In his position as Analyst, Filip mainly focuses on the initial processes of investing. Together with his colleagues in the Investment Team, he examines investment opportunities to determine whether they fit HERAN’s investment criteria such as clinical backbone, level of innovation and scalability. Once the opportunity passes the initial review, the proposal is escalated to the broader team for input & further investigation. An assigned lead for the deal, skilled in the subject matter, then takes over. “Upon joining HERAN Partners, the team’s insight in the field of MedTech and HealthTech rapidly became clear. The composition of the portfolio has been well-engineered to reflect the investment strategy both in terms of stage of maturity and field of interest”, says Filip.

Managing Partner Katleen Vandersmissen explains: “Each investment we make, comes to fruition through an extensive due diligence process on the technology, the market, the team, and commercialisation strategy. We aim to leave a mark in the healthcare industry by supporting innovation”.

Combining a no-nonsense approach with a vision for the future

Filip quickly understood HERAN’s no-nonsense approach and how thorough they support the portfolio companies, from investment to exit.

“From the very first morning, I was given the chance to get involved with FOx Biosystems, one of our MedTech investments. I spend my first days on the FOx Biosystems offices where we, the management team, me and Katleen (Managing Partner HERAN Partners) discussed the innovative edge of the technology, the operational challenges, how the White FOx platform differentiates itself from competitors, and which USPs the Company should leverage even more in the future. The whole experience confirmed to me what makes HERAN stand out as investment partner.” - Filip Maes

“While all my team members are strong individuals with their own opinion, HERAN offers an open climate of trust with room for constructive discussions based on factual information. In essence, we rely on the complementarity of the team and our combined knowledge and experience as the basis for success” - Filip Maes

“Together, we are striving for success”

Filip joined two and a half years after HERAN Partners was launched which allowed him to become part of this growing story with many more achievements to come. “I am pleased to have been able to join this team and contribute to HERAN’s future growth. As Analyst, I truly take part in executing HERAN’s investment strategy and I am looking forward to seeing our investments making a difference. I am confident that this team is well-placed to spot the right opportunities and transform them into global companies which leave a mark on the healthcare industry”.

Quick scan of Filip Maes

· Education: M.Sc. in Biomedical Sciences (University of Antwerp),   M.Sc. in General Management (Antwerp Management School)

· Track record: Filip gained experience as a project manager at   CRO Medpace and Chemelot InSciTe

· Personal passion: Filip has an eye for structure. “Placing details   in a broader context enables you to spot opportunities that would   otherwise remain invisible. That is how innovation can come to   fruition.”

· Filip is inspired by: Jens Thies, Director of Science & Innovation   at the Dutch DSM Biomedical. “His vast scientific and   entrepreneurial knowledge combined with his high-spirited   Scottish character are an inspiration to me.”

· Who is Filip in 5 words? “Realistic, good-humoured, honest,   curious and inquisitive.”

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